Shape Up

Are you looking for some new challenges? Specific exercises to do besides your daily practice or as a preparation for an audition, exam or performance? Need help by learning a solo piece?

Shape Up is exactly what you’re looking for. The idea comes from all the personal training and nutrition out there for you to do at home. With Shape Up!, Glenn Van Looy wants to transpose this concept into a personal home coaching for brass musicians. 

The brass regime consists of a few stages. 

At first, you will be sent a survey to build an image of yourself to than evaluate and discover more of your profile through a 30 minutes one to one session with Glenn. Goals and exercises will be set up and Glenn will prepare two different two-week schedules for you to add into your daily routine. After these four weeks there will be another 30 minutes one to one session to make an evaluation of the program. 

Every situation will be handled individually so the program is made on your personal needs and you can strive to particular goals. 

The program will also be offering instruction videos for the exercises to help you do them in the right way. Glenn will also be available twice a week (Tuesday morning- Friday morning) to answer via WhatsApp messages to have a good customer support. 

Packages ( to give you an idea, as it’s personal for every program/customer)

  • Back in shape
  • Special flex
  • Extra exercises for a particular piece
  • Range
  • Sound production
  • Technique


one-month program €70 / £60 / $75

For more info and updates follow shapeup_gvl on Instagram